A "Singing for Fun" group was started a few years ago.

"Wenning Voices" have resumed their singing sessions & these take place every Thursday, starting at 7.30 pm.

  *NB: Covid secure precautions are in place during these sessions.*

It has proved very popular in the past, so why don't you come along......people with all singing abilities will be made very welcome!

If you want further information about the group, please contact Lucy Leather on 07960 647800 or email her by clicking on the button below:

On August 12th 2017, the group attended the River Roeburn Remembrance & Restoration Festival held at Backsbottom Farm in Roeburndale, a few miles south of Lower Tatham Church,

Rod Everett, a member of the group, mentioned earlier in the summer that he was arranging a festival to celebrate and remember the 50 years since the Wray Flood, which occurred on August 8th 1967. In particular, he wished to recognise the work achieved in the intervening years in flood and water management on the river Roeburn.

He suggested that Wenning Voices could have a part to play in the festival and could become river singers for a day.

So plans were made, and on a glorious Sunday in summer, we found our way down the steep sided & stunning valley side to the river Roeburn, glistening under the summer sun. Many members of the community had already gathered on the banks to engage with the river through poetry, story telling, sculpture & art and to experience the river's mystery with fascination & awe.

Wenning Voices joined them through song: "Rhythm of Life", "Now all the woods are waking", "Siyahamba" & "Dona nobis pacem". A tricky challenge to sing outdoors and to compete to be heard over the rush of the water; but, with Lucy's enthusiasm and encouragement, we did become river singers and the audience seemed to appreciate the sound we made.

Below is a photograph of the Wenning Voices members at the Festival:

For further information about Rod Everett's Backsbottom Farm enterprise please click here.